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Monday, 08 December 2014 10:54

A Silver Plate by Pablo Picasso was Stolen from Art Miami

Pablo Picasso's 'Visage aux Mains,' 1956. Pablo Picasso's 'Visage aux Mains,' 1956.

An unknown thief or group of thieves stole Pablo Picasso's "Visage aux Mains (Face with Hands)" (1956) from the Amsterdam-based Leslie Smith Gallery's booth at Art Miami, the "Miami Herald" reports. The work is a 16.5 inch in diameter silver plate and is believed to have been snatched sometime after 10:30pm on Thursday night. Police have classified the heist as grand theft.

Gallery owner David Smith discovered that the plate was missing from its holder upon arriving to Art Miami on Friday morning around 10:45am.

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