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The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Museum and Hermitage Amsterdam are teaming up to present a permanent exhibition of 30 large-scale paintings from the Dutch Golden Age. The Rijksmuseum, which houses the the most comprehensive collection of Dutch Old Masters, and the Amsterdam Museum will supply the paintings while the Hermitage will provide an expansive gallery where the works will be hung.

The show will mark the first time that these larger-than-life, 17th century paintings have been exhibited together. Since some of the canvases measure over 25 feet, transporting them will be a challenge. Officials are planning on moving them into the Hermitage through holes they will make in the roof.

The selection of paintings to be exhibited has not been finalized, but the museums have described the works as being in the same class as Rembrandt’s monumental ‘The Night Watch.’ Officials also divulged that works by Nicolaes Eliasz and Adriaen Backer will be included in the exhibition. The museums hope to have the permanent exhibition mounted by the end of November.

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