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It's hard to believe that this gorgeous bit of painting by Francisco de Goya, held at the Carnegie Museum of Art since 1965, has only been on view now and then. But that's because it hasn't always been acknowledged as the Spaniard's work. This is about to change, as new research just about proves that the Pittsburgh painting is by him.

The prestigious "Burlington Magazine" is getting ready to publish an article, by the late art historian John Williams, that shows that Goya used the Carnegie piece to help him paint his great fresco around the base of the dome at the chapel of San Antonio de la Florida in Madrid, where he finished working in 1798.

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Monday, 30 September 2013 17:36

New Titian Painting Discovered

Artur Rosenauer, an art historian at the University of Vienna, has discovered a previously unknown painting by the Venetian painter Titian. Rosenauer revealed his findings in the October issue of Burlington Magazine, one of the foremost publications devoted to the fine and decorative arts.

The Risen Christ, which Rosenauer describes as having “brilliant use of colour and consummate command of composition,” once belonged to the von Bülow family, which included Bernhard Heinrich von Bülow, the chancellor of Germany during the early 20th century. The painting currently resides in a private European collection.

Rosenauer, who deemed the painting “astonishingly well preserved,” dated The Risen Christ to around 1511 as it relates to other works by Titian from the same period.

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