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 A bronze sculpture by Fernando Botero has set a new auction record for the Colombian artist.

"Adam and Eve" sold for $2.5 million at Christie's on Monday.

Another edition of the work decorates the lobby of the Time Warner Center in New York City. The previous record for Botero was $2 million for his painting "Four Musicians," which sold in 2006.

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Monday, 18 November 2013 13:03

Colombia Restores Botero Sculptures

Over two dozen sculptures by Fernando Botero are being restored in the artist’s hometown of Medellin, Colombia. The 27 works, which are situated in public places such as parks and streets, are beginning to show signs of weather damage and vandalism. Chewing gum, graffiti, dents and scratches mar the bronze figurative works’ once-radiant patina.

Maria Adelaida Bohorquez, a restorer at the Museum de Antioquia, the institution that owns most of the sculptures, believes that many of the unsightly damages can be fixed thanks to a labor-intensive restoration effort that is schedule to reach completion by the end of the year. Bohorquez added, “The sculptures will have the tone they did originally.”

Botero, who gave the project his blessing, has donated approximately 200 paintings and sculptures to Medellin as well as many others to the Botero Museum in Bogota.

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The cruise ship “Reflections,” one of 11 boats owned by Celebrity Cruises, set sail last week from Miami. Unlike most ships headed to the Caribbean, “Reflections” features 6,059 impressive works of contemporary art.

Given a budget of $4.1 million, Mariangela Capuzzo of International Corporate Art curated pieces from the company’s $60 million art collection. Working with the notion of reflections in mind, Capuzzo chose works by Robert Rauschenberg, Brazilian artist Albano Alfonso, and sculptor Will Ryman, among others. In total, there are eight site-specific works on board.

Celebrity Cruises is owned by Christina and John Chandris, the son of a Greek shipping magnate. The duo began collecting in 1990 when they purchased Robert Indiana’s Love sculpture, a bronze by Fernando Botero, a Damien Hirst painting, and many other well-known works.

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