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On Monday night, non-profit organization Americans for the Arts held its annual fundraising gala in the Cipriani ballroom across from New York’s Grand Central Station. The black tie affair brought together a blue chip who’s who including RoseLee Goldberg, Agnes Gund, and Jeffrey Deitch as well as artists like Frank Stella and Will Cotton. Cocktail hour offered guests the chance to pick up a limited-edition print by Shepard Fairey to benefit the charity. “I feel like a bit of an imposter in this realm because I come from a not-asking-for-permission background,” admitted Fairey, who looked oddly at home in a suit. “But I am enjoying the company.”

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014 16:50

Prada Marfa Saved from Demolition

The Texas Department of Transportation has reached an agreement with the foundation Ballroom Marfa to preserve Elmgreen & Dragset’s iconic conceptual installation “Prada Marfa.” Ballroom Marfa, a non-profit organization that doubles as a contemporary cultural arts space, has been battling to preserve the sculpture for nearly a year. The government threatened to shut down the life-size replica of a Prada store, which stands on a deserted stretch of West Texas highway, because it could be considered an illegal roadside advertisement under state law.

To resolve the problem, Ballroom Marfa decided to lease the land underneath “Prada Marfa” and register the site as an art museum. Elmgreen & Dragset’s building will be the museum’s sole art exhibit.

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A very valuable painting signed “Rembrandt” was recovered together with other stolen works, which disappeared on the night of December 13, 1979 from Castello Cini Monselice. At the time, the monumental building was owned by the Giorgio Cini Foundation (founded by Count Vittorio Cini in 1951, as a private non-profit organization) which in 1981 became the property of the Veneto Region. The canvas has been recovered by the police offices for the protection of cultural heritage in Venice, coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Federica Baccaglini of Padua. The lead came from an investigation related to International Rogatory Commission in France.

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