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The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation has launched an online gallery that allows web visitors to explore the submissions received for Stage One of the Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition.The Guggenheim hopes to construct the new museum in Helsinki’s South Harbor area, close to the historic city center and easily accessible to visitors arriving by sea. The Foundation plans to organize and present internationally significant exhibitions of artworks from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The proposed museum will also specialize in Nordic art and architecture. 

Each entry is represented by two images and a brief concept summary provided by the participants. A total of 1,715 submissions were received from 77 countries. The competition was open to qualified architects from anywhere in the world, but the identities of the competitors are being kept under wraps.

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The simple fact that physical and online galleries have totally different modes of presentation is impossible to deny; often contained within a single, rectilinear room, "white cube" galleries, with their high-monied patrons and cordoned-off curations, often evoke ideas of art-world exclusivity. Online galleries, on the other hand, typically present artworks in a thumbnail grid, slideshow, or on an infinite scrolling page, but generally lack the substantiality and depth of their physical counterparts; flattened onto 2D screens, these are restrictions that the online viewer has grown to accept, and that many artists have learned to work within.

Manuel Palou and Moises Sanabria, the duo known as Art404 (aka Art Not Found), have seemingly bridged this gap, creating a link between physical galleries and their online counterparts. Gallery404 is a browser-based gallery space where the first-person "player" can explore a three-dimensional gallery filled with iconic artworks.

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The New York City Department of Records and Information Services has added 30,000 historical photographs to its extensive online gallery. Among these images are over 2,000 photographs from the NYPD departmental files and Emergency Services Unit, dating from 1928 to 1941. The images depict everything from a plane crash in Brooklyn to Communist Party rallies in Madison Square Garden, a Nazi summer retreat in Long Island, and John F. Kennedy’s ticker-tape parade from the 1960 presidential campaign. The online gallery now boasts 90,000 photographs, the largest collection of New York City historical images in the world.

The never-before-seen pictures were scanned from vintage large-format film and glass-plate negatives, color transparencies, century-old lantern slides, 35mm Kodachromes, and prints in the Municipal Archive. The city plans to eventually digitize its entire collection. 

The photographs can be viewed here.

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