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Swiss luxury watchmaker Patek Philippe is taking over London's Saatchi Gallery until June 7, which will be the brand's most ambitious exhibition to date.

As part of “Watch Art Patek Philippe Grand Exhibition," visitors will be able to see, for the first time in London, more than 400 historical timepieces­—some of them from the Patek Philippe Museum collection—including the first Swiss wristwatch, which was made for a woman.

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She was his trusted righthand woman for seven years, guiding his artistic brainchild, but now Charles Saatchi is embroiled in a bitter legal battle with his former gallery director accusing her of trading on his name.

Rebecca Wilson had worked closely with him as his director at the Saatchi Gallery in London, she was pivotal in his plans to donate £25 million of art work to the nation and even judged his school art competitions.

But following a move to run Saatchi Online in the US the pair have since fallen out over an insignificant £10,000 sponsorship fee for an art exhibition.

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Pop art’s influence has been felt in cultures far different from its American and British incubators. The works in a new exhibit feature a Russian troika, peasants shouting corporate names and imagery merging the French and Chinese revolutions.

The show that opened Wednesday at the Saatchi Gallery in London traces Pop art’s disciples in China, Taiwan and the former Soviet Union. With 250 works from 110 artists, “Post-Pop: East Meets West” explores how a new generation of artists from regions with radically different ideologies embraced the movement.

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On September 12, “Second Floor -- The Private Apartment of Coco Chanel” will open at the Saatchi Gallery in London, providing a first ever glimpse into the home of Coco Chanel. The  iconic fashion designer’s abode at 31 Rue Cambon, Paris, which remains in its original condition, was captured by the filmmaker and photographer, Sam Taylor-Johnson. While a privileged few have been granted access to the apartment, Chanel’s home has never been open to the public.

“Second Floor” will present 45 photographs that reveal how Chanel lived and decorated.

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