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Displaying items by tag:, a New York City-based startup, which helps art lovers discover new works of interest using a Pandora-like model, has been at the center of an unexpected controversy. shares the same official domain suffix (.sy) as the Syrian Arab Republic and as conflicts continue to rise in the worn-torn country, it has become clear that needs to make some adjustments.’s main webpage was taken offline on January 2, 2013 and traffic was redirected to a backup site, Officials explained that’s domain, which had been paid for through the end of the year, was coming up as incorrectly expired and that the site would be restored the next day. As of January 4, has officially changed its name to Artsy and moved its domain to, permanently.

Artsy purchased their .sy domain in 2009, before the violence in Syria began to worsen. The site, which offers over 21,000 high-resolution artworks for the enjoyment of users, hopes to run uninterrupted from now on.

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Wednesday, 10 October 2012 19:28, a Website for Art Lovers, Debuts

After two years in beta,’s public version went live this past Monday. Using intuitive sites such as Pandora and Netflix as guides, gets to know its users and presents them with suggestions and recommendations based on their individual likes and dislikes. offers a free repository of 20,000 and counting digitized fine art images as well as an art appreciation guide. can already count 275 galleries, private collectors, and 50 museums such as the Dallas Museum of Art, SFMoMA, and Fondation Beyeler as partners.

A start-up backed by millions of dollars in venture capital from art world giants such as Larry Gagosian and Dasha Zhukova, already has 600,000 registered users. The site is moving past mere image sharing and has begun partnering with major art fairs, serving as the exclusive online platform for Design Miami/ in December and the Armory Show in March. offers a unique experience to collectors, allowing them to speak with a specialist, connect directly to a gallery, or submit offers on works remotely. A different feature on the site will allow collectors to buy outright as long as the dealer chooses to utilize the e-commerce option. plans to bring in most of its revenue from sales commissions on works sold through the site.

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