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Tuesday, 27 September 2016 01:54

Can An Artist Own A Color? Anish Kapoor Believes So.

Anish Kapoor at the Deutsche Guggenheim - Berlin Anish Kapoor at the Deutsche Guggenheim - Berlin

Artist and architect Anish Kapoor has collaborated with developers to create the “blackest black” pigment, which he now owns exclusively. Comprised of microscopic stems of color that trap nearly 97% of the light, the pigment is the blackest material in the universe other than a black hole. Says Kapoor, “It’s literally as if you could disappear into it.” The pigment, which was being developed for military use, is attractive to Kapoor because of his interest in working with “void forms,” and the pigment is entirely non-reflective. Critics and other artists question Kapoor’s right to this darkest of blacks.

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