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The Boston College branch of the Green Line brings you to this handsome campus, site of the McMullen Museum of Art, whose new exhibition, “ John La Farge and the Recovery of the Sacred,” is definitely worth the pleasant trolley ride or even a journey from farther afield.

At the turn of the 20th century, La Farge (1835-1910) was a pre-eminent American artist, a leader of the American Renaissance movement shaping art, architecture and culture here. As a muralist and decorative painter, he collaborated on private, public and ecclesiastical projects with such leading architects as Henry Hobson Richardson and Stanford White.

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Le Corbusier’s Chapel of Notre Dame du Haut in Ronchamp, France, one of the most important works of 20th-century ecclesiastical architecture, was severely damaged by vandals on Friday, January, 17. The suspects stole a concrete trunk, damaged a door and smashed a stained-glass window that was hand-finished by the Franco-Swiss architect with an original illustration. France’s Department of Historic Monuments has deemed the window to be irreplaceable.

The chapel is a unique work for Le Corbusier as it is smaller in scale and exhibits curvilinear forms as well as traditional iconography. Le Corbusier is credited with changing the face of urban architecture and is known for his efficient yet austere style.

The Chapel of Notre Dame is still used regularly by its adjoining abbey.

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