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Ketterer Kunst has announced a comprehensive Old Masters and 19th Century auction. The sale includes highlights from Italian Baroque and Flemish masters.

Bidders will undoubtedly get most excited about Il Guercino's seminal painting "David With Goliath's Head" (1650). Painted in the hallmark contrasting light and dark style of the baroque era, the artwork depicts David glancing towards the heavens, as if to ask for forgiveness for the brutal killing of Goliath.

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The Birmingham Museum of Art opened a new exhibit Saturday that features works of well-known Dutch and Flemish masters. The exhibition, called "Small Treasures," includes paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer and their contemporaries. These artists are often known for large canvases, but these paintings are small.

"We have two paintings by Rembrandt and two paintings by Vermeer," said Robert Schindler, the museum's curator of European art. "In terms of quality and the level of artistic skill that is on display here, [it] is just extraordinary. It does not get any better than this."

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