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Thursday, 17 April 2014 10:54

ARTnews Announces Sale to Skate Capital Corp.

ARTnews, the world’s oldest art magazine, has been sold by Milton Esterow to Skate Capital Corp., a private art and media industry investment vehicle belonging to Sergey Skaterschikov, a Russian art market analyst and investment banker. Esterow became publisher and editor of ARTnews, which was founded in 1902, after acquiring the publication from Newsweek in 1972.

Esterow said in a statement, “It has been a privilege working at ARTnews—a marvelous, fascinating 41-year ride running one of the world's most honored magazines. I have had the chance to meet, and work with, the great and the good. I have met with gifted artists, scholars, curators, collectors, dealers and writers in many countries. I have also met forgers and frauds. As Noel Coward once said, 'work is more fun than fun.'”

Skaterschikov is the owner Skates, an art investment review, and briefly owned the contemporary art fair, ViennaFair. In addition, Skates Capital is an investor in the online auction house, Paddle8.

Greenhill & Co, a New York-based global investment banking firm, served as financial advisor to ARTnews on the sale of the company. Terms of the transaction have not been revealed.

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Historian and American decorative arts expert, Wendell D. Garrett, died of natural causes on November 14 in Williston, Vermont. He was 83. Garrett was well known for his appearances as an appraiser on the PBS series, “Antiques Roadshow,” which launched in 1997. Garrett participated in every season of the program and will make a posthumous appearance on the show’s next season, which premieres January 7, 2013.

Prior to his work on “Antiques Roadshow,” Garrett served as the senior vice president in the American decorative arts department at Sotheby’s. He also wrote and edited a number of books on antiques including Victorian America: Classical Romanticism to Gilded Opulence (1993), Monticello and the Legacy of Thomas Jefferson (1994), and American Colonial: Puritan Simplicity to Georgian Grace (1995).

Born in Los Angeles in 1929, Garrett attended UCLA where he earned a bachelor’s degree in history. Subsequently, Garrett enrolled at the University of Delaware and received a master’s degree in early American culture from the school’s distinguished Winterthur program. He later earned another master’s degree in American history from Harvard.

Garrett joined the Adams Papers Project at the Massachusetts Historical Society in 1959 where he served as the assistant editor of the Diary and Autobiography of John Adams (1961), a four-volume set that starts with entries from 1755. Garrett is also credited with finding an even earlier Adams diary with entries beginning in 1753. The Earliest Diary of John Adams was published in 1966 with Garrett as associate editor.

Garrett’s three children, four grandchildren, and a brother survive him.

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