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Madison Square Park regulars are furious that a 500-foot-long art installation will hover over their green space for nine months, blocking sunlight and views of natural trees.

The massive installation, called Fata Morgana and funded by the Madison Square Park Conservancy, is made to appear like shimmering canopies that are raised on top of metal scaffolding to hover over various paths in the park until January 2016.

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Who doesn’t love snow globes? “That Lilliputian world,” agreed the artist and landscape designer Paula Hayes.

“And, of course, the magical snow falling. Everything becomes coated with this beautiful material. Each part of snow is unique and crystalline.”

Obviously, she gets it. So I was excited to hear about Ms. Hayes’s new installation—“Gazing Globes”—in Madison Square Park. The exhibition, which consists of 18 illuminated, transparent polycarbonate spheres of different sizes and heights, opens Feb. 19 and runs through April 19.

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014 11:07

A New Installation Lands in Madison Square Park

Brooke Kamin Rapaport, the curator who shepherded an art world set piece in Madison Square Park on Friday, called what was being installed “the great levitating sculpture.”

The sculpture was “Points of View” and consisted of three extremely tall, extremely heavy pieces, but none of them rose from the ground and floated magically through the air. There were no David Blaine maneuvers, no seemingly impossible sleight of hand.

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